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Why be a part of Child Care Business InSights family?

The early childhood industry has been, and continues to be, underserved by current trade associations relating to the business of child care. This includes the areas of business education and effective use of the latest technologies.

The educational training provided through other associations has historically been centered around teachers, directors and admininstrators with a focus on obtaining Continuing Education Credits.

Our focus is on the owners and managers of a child care organization relating to starting, operating and growing their business with a long term goal of developing an effective exit strategy.

Child Care Business InSights was founded based on an interest in educating child care operators in world-class business, marketing and technology practices.   

The appeal of Child Care Business InSights is based on its well known reputation for delivering expertly designed and uncompromisingly reliable management practices.

What makes the Child Care Business InSights Journal and services different?

Our business expertise is grounded in the BusinessGrades(TM) system, including:


These modules each have 12 progressive points, and taken together they form a "turn-key" system. The modules clearly identify strong areas as well as areas that need immediate or gradual improvement, with specific solutions.